Spa Quality For Your Bathroom Remodel

Stress in our culture is the normal so why not make the most cringeworthy room in the house your sanctuary. By adding and subtracting a few things in that room can give you that relaxing spa feel.

Adding natural elements to your bathroom can give it a whole new energy. When I say natural elements I mean wood decor and plants. Having plants in that room create for better air quality as well as improve the feng shui of the bathroom. Feng Shui can change the way you walk in a room and the mental energy of that room so being aware of how you want to feel at the end of the day in your bathroom will depend on how much you change the room.

If you like simple or if you are obsessed with color Aura Bath and Spa is the best paint product for your bathroom hands down. Aura is relatively new to the Benjamin Moore line and the new color lock technology and mildew resistant Bath and Spa makes it a super premium paint. It comes in a smooth matte finish that is incredible to wipe and scrub down without losing any color.

Your bathroom does not have to be the last place to relax and the first place you cringe.

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