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Scandinavian Kitchen

What first caught my eye with Scandinavian Interior Design is it has a minimal feel and has so much life, and that is because of the use of natural materials. Indoor plant life for those of us who live in dreary areas is so important, because it keeps your air clean and creates better circulation. This style brings organic and natural to a peaceful level. Scandinavian interior design is an amazing style for homes with smaller spaces. We have a home that is about 100 years old and when my husband first bought the house it was a disaster. When I was thinking of how small some of the spaces were I started looking into design ideas and visualizing what would make the rooms seem more open and larger. Scandinavian style showed up almost every time.

Light Walls

Light Walls Open Spaces

Two of the main philosophies of Scandinavian design is simplicity and being one with your environment, which is something that many are looking for in this world. More and more you see in lot of homes is the concept of nature and a more earthy accents and decor and mainly clean white walls and clean lines are also featured in the Scandinavian designs.

When, Where and How

Scandinavian Interior design traveled through the United States and Canada between 1954 to 1957 as a way to show Nordic Design. It came from the 1930s from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The simplicity brings a clearer frame of mind and room to breathe. The more of the organic atmosphere we can include in our homes the better the air will circulate through your house. When we have better air circulation it changes a lot of the negativity in the attitudes of our family members, and at the end of the day isn't that what we all want. Scandinavian style is more about the lifestyle change and taking steps into the minimalist style with a twist.

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