Gardens For All

The outside of our homes are just as important as the Interior of our homes. The is the entrance and the gathering place for your family so the energy needs to be welcoming. We love the outdoors and I find as much time as I can getting my kids outside. However, if the atmosphere is not inviting, then being in our own yard can be more stressful then good.

Feng Shui Eastern Garden

Since I have been touching on Feng Shui this month, I thought it appropriate to list Feng Shui style gardens first. This style is amazing to bring all kinds of air purifying elements and create an environment that is peaceful and welcoming for you and others. Feng Shui gardens can provide that "secret garden" fantasy.

English Garden

Another garden style that will draw you in is the English Garden. This style of gardening is full of color and life. English gardens give you a sense of abundance and fullness. It give a naturalistic environment to your home and is only for those who have a great love and respect of flowers.

Woodland Garden

Another great gardening style and my personal favorite is the Woodland Garden. This style brings you a sense of nature in on a larger scale. Woodland landscapes include either the trees already surrounding your home or planting what will become your forest. The air purifying qualities of this are endless as is the beauty and possibilities. If you have the land go big or go home. With windy paths, greenery and decorations just waiting to be enjoyed with and amazing resting area. Having a woodland garden can take you on a journey and is welcoming and calming.

Gardens don't only leave us with a great sense of comfort but can do that for our loved ones as well. There are many other styles of gardening that includes Organic gardening.

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